Oxygen Concentrator


  • The System utilizes PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) for oxygen generation.
  • Self-contained system for the production of high concentration oxygen, using Molecular Sieve to separate the oxygen from the nitrogen in the ambient air.
  • Oxygen is concentrated and redirected for use at front & Nitrogen is ejected

    • One humidifier Bottle, one Nasal Canula with extension tubing, One air filter set



    • 5 lit. with dual flow
    • 5 lit. with in-built nebuliser for simultaneous atomizing therapy
    • 5 lit. with dual flow & in-built nebuliser for simultaneous atomizing therapy
    • 10 lit./min models also available


Flow Rate 0-5L/min
Purity 93 ±3%
Outlet Pressure (Mpa) 0.04-0.07
Sound Level ≤50db
Power AC 230V, 50Hz (AC 220V/110v±10%, 50/60±lHz are available)
Power Consumption ≤480W
LCD Display Switch times, Operating pressure, Present Working Time, Accumulating Time, Presetting Time from 10 mins to 40 hours
Alarm Power failure alarm, High & Low Pressure alarm
Net Weight 25Kgs.
Size (mm) 365 x 375 x 600mm



  • Low purity alarm : when oxygen purity is above 82%, it will give blue light, when the purity is below 82% (82% not included), it will give red light
  • Maintenance alarm : alarm for maintenance after 3000 hours operation
  • Alarm for high temperature inside systems above 50 C
  • Pulse Oximeter : in-built pulse oximeter is available for monitoring patient oxygen saturation on site



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