Mainstream End Tidal CO2 Sensor



It just needs 3 seconds to warm up. can recognise all kinds of adapters, no matter new or old adapters. Even if the adapter is dewing for moisture, still can get the accurate CO2 values. designed specifically for mainstream measurement of CO2 using sophisticated infrared absorption spectroscopy. the measurements are taken at the patient airway at a sampling frequency of 100 Hz, so response is faster and there is less chance of erroneous, artifact data.


Transducer Type Mainstream CO2 sensor

Principle of Operation

Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts

Initialization Time

Capnogram displayed in less than 3 seconds, at an ambient temperature of 25?, full specifications within 30 seconds

CO2 Measurement Range

0 to 150 mmHg, 0 to 19.7%, 0 to 20 kPa

CO2 Calculation Method

BTPS (Body Temperature Pressure Saturated)

CO2 Rise Time (10 – 90% of step change of final CO2 value)

Less than 8 ms – Adult reusable or single patient use
Less than 8 ms – Infant reusable or single patient use

CO2 Resolution

0.01 mmHg 0 to 69 mmHg, 0.02 mmHg 70 to 150 mmHg

CO2 Accuracy *

0 – 40 mmHg Σ2 mmHg 41 – 70 mmHg Σ5% of reading 71 – 100 mmHg Σ8% of reading 101 – 150 mmHg Σ10% of reading * NOTE: Temperature at 35 ∩.

CO2 Stability

Short Term Drift: Drift over four hours shall not exceed 2 mmHg maximum.
Long Term Drift: Accuracy specification will be maintained over a 120 hour period.

CO2 Noise

RMS noise of the sensor shall be less than or equal to 0.25 mmHg at 7.5% CO2

Sampling Rate

100 Hz

Respiration Rate Range

2 to 150 breaths per minute (BPM)

Respiration Rate Accuracy

Σ1 breath


No routine user calibration required. An airway adapter zero is required when insert an airway adapter. Safety lock-outs: ?System does not allow adapter zero for 20 seconds after the last breath is detected. ?System does not allow adapter zero if temperature is not stable. ?System does not allow adapter zero if there is CO2 gas in the airway adapter.

ETCO2 Calculation

Method: Peak of the expired CO2 waveform Selections: 1 breath, 10 second, 20 second Note: the minimum reported differential value between the baseline and the CO2 value shall be 5 mmHg.

Inspired CO2Measurement

Range: 3 to 50 mmHg Method: Lowest reading of the CO2 waveform in the previous 20 seconds

Compensations (Host Controlled)

Compensations for: Expired O2 , balance gas (N2 , N2 O, He) and anesthetic agents Uses gas compensation information and barometric pressure to correct the raw carbon dioxide value

O2 Compensation

Range: 0 to 100%
Resolution: 1%
Default: 16%

N2O Compensation

Range: 0 (off) or 1 (on)
Default: Off
Note: If ON, the balance of the mixture is O2

He Compensation

Range: 0 (off) or 1 (on)
Default: Off
Note: If ON, the balance of the mixture is O2

Total Pressure

Range: 400-850 mmHg.
Total pressure = Barometric plus Airway pressure.
Barometric pressure provided by host.
Recomended accuracy of pressure transducer: Σ1% FS

Airway Adapter Type

Pediatric/Adult Reusable Airway Adapter,
Infant/Pediatric Reusable Airway Adapter

Input Voltage

5.00 Volts (Σ5%)

Power Consumption

900mW (typical)

Warm-up Time

3 seconds


Highly configurable serial digital interface(TTL/RS232), CO2 waveform data, Breath Detect Algorithm data

Temperature and Humidity

Operating: 0 to 50ìC, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing Storage: -40 to 70ìC, <90% RH, non-condensing




< 95 grams


Standard Lemo Redel 8-pin plastic Material PSU Pin out:1 VA 5.0V;
2 Shield Shield;3 DGND Digital return;4 VA 5.0V;
5 TxD Serial data from the Module;6 RxD Serial data from Host;
7 AGND Analog return;8 NC


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