Hematology Analyses 325 Dura Automated

  1. The machine is a unique model where it is very TINY & COMPACT.
  2. Total 22 parameters and 3 histograms can be read in this machine.
  3. The first machine having ONE START UP per day is required, so no worry of reagent consumption like other cell counters. Even we switch off the machine as many times as required without having a fear of consumption of reagents.
  4. The read chamber and valves and syringe modules are from EUROPEAN Technology.
  5. Colour LCD with an external printer like INKJET, DOT-MATRIX and LASER printer can be attached.
  6. Windows CE based software where the customers can use MOUSE, and KEYBOARD for the operation of the machine.
  7. GB-325 is double chamber machine is very less APERTURE size 50 & 80 microns, where it will ensure the precision and accuracy of the CELL STUDY.
  8. GB-325 will consume very less sample volume of 9.6 ul only
  9. Apart from Adult samples, the pediatric and high-value sample can be measured by PREDILUTED mode.
  10. The machine has calibrated and assessed by US calibrators and controls
  11. The results are comparable with 5-PART diff. Cell counter.
  12. Consumption of Reagent is very less.


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